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Show support for your party or candidate — or your opposition to the other side! At the web’s top site forPolitical, Campaign and Election Collectibles you will find both current and historic election and campaign gear. You can buy new, used, barely used, recycled as well as old, unique, rare, vintage, limited edition and even antique campaign, presidential, US, election and political buttons, pins, bumper stickers, lapel pins, knives, photos, gift sets, paper weights, spoons, dishes, mugs, glasses, letters, cards, flags, banners, signs and all sorts of historical political, election and campaign memorabilia.


Political memorabilia has been around since George Washington became the nation’s first president but the first true populist campaign occurred during William Henry Harrison’s successful presidential bid in 1840, Krapf said.

The process to manufacture campaign buttons was patented in 1894 and first used in 1896 when Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

Today, just about anything that can carry a picture or a slogan has been turned into a political trinket — banners, signs, posters, ribbons, badges, dishes and pens.

The buttons themselves became more complex with mechanical parts, blinking lights and sound. Krapf remembers one mechanical pin featuring Warren Harding — “…push a button and his hand pops up so he’s thumbing his nose.” definitely not only has the most unique, rare, popular new, vintage and antique campaign and election buttons and pins, but also the HOTTEST political collectible of the decade (or possibly the century): the Obey Giant Obama Hope Change Progress Posters by political street artistShepard Fairey — now among the most popular election and campaign art collectibles to ever be designed.

The Obama Poster, especially when signed/autographed by both Barack Obama and Shepard Fairey, is highly sought after and coveted both by those who are new to the exciting field of political and campaign collecting as well as the most ardent and sophisticated collectors.

You are obviously keenly aware (and very smart to understand) that this is one of the most exciting times in American political and election history. You already know this is an unusually historic opportunity to be part of this amazing era of history-making presidential campaigns, primaries and 2008 elections!

At Political Collectibles you can search, compare prices, and find great deals and excellent prices to buy political, campaign, election or candidate memorabilia including: pins, shirts, posters, buttons, signs, caps on sale, many at highly discounted prices. You may be one of the lucky (and crafty) collectors who knows how to find those truly unique campaign and political collectibles such as authentic signed notes, cards and letters by military heroes, historical figures, presidents, first ladies, secretaries of state, and obscure or famous political candidates.

You will be able to buy election pins, campaign gear, candidate buttons and political collectibles from past, present, current and recent elections and primaries — as well as from our nation’s earliest and past history. Many collectible pieces from recent campaigns, candidates, primaries and elections are available at rock-bottom, bargain basement sale prices. But remember, time is slipping away and these once-in-a-lifetime historical, memorable snapshots, and collectible moments in time won’t last forever. Don’t let history pass you by.

(and don’t forget to register and to VOTE!)


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